Do you ever wonder why you have great intentions to make things happen only to find that you end up doing the total opposite thing that you should be doing to get the thing you desire most?

You know what actions to take, it’s all there in your mind, or planned out on a piece of paper, or your electronic toy, only you just go and think you’ve blown the whole lot by doing something that wasn’t in the plan?

It should be so simple to be happy, fit, healthy and in love with our lives.  Eat healthy foods, doing things that will help us become happy and staying well.  It really ain’t rocket science is it?  Why oh why then do we seem to think we are failing?

I think there’s definitely something missing, don’t you?

I believe I know what is missing.  Ease!  Being kind and easy on ourselves.

Well I’m on a little mission, I’ve been filled with new enthusiasm, desire and belief and I want to help you.

I’m believing in having belief, not in a religious way, but belief in thinking good thoughts, doing things that I like to do, expressing myself, appreciating myself, trusting myself, and allowing the positive energy that fills and fuels everything.

Everything is vibrating energy, it’s true, Google it!  Our senses are translators of vibration.  Our thoughts are non physical energy, we can’t see them, however, we attract what we are mostly focusing upon.

Being quite a light hearted person, I seldomly get down, that’s not to say that I never do, I do get pee’d off from time to time.  When I do I catch my mood, I consider why I feel like it and then move on to happier feeling thoughts!  

I enjoy learning, I love new experiences, I want to help other people to enjoy and feel good too, no matter where they stand.


So there’s my intro.  I’m not gonna appologise for any spelling or grammar errors.  It’s my choice!  You have choices too!   Let’s start getting over trying to be perfect and find a bit of freedom among the self inflicted rules and pressures we weigh ourselves down with.  Let’s open up and expect to feel good and care about how we feel.





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