Head Clearer

I realise that so many of us get overloaded with the “crap” that goes on in our lives.

I believe it’s then that we need to stop, stand still, take time to a breath.

This lady was overloaded and weighed down by the build up of “crap” going on.  She wondered what to do, she came to see me.

I turned up at Sylvia’s house.. unplanned and unexpected (for both of us) and in a pretty upset state. Work issues, lack of money and general feeling of worthlessness had come to a head that day.

After a cup of tea and a chat, I laid on the couch and Sylvia placed crystals around me… it was a bit odd at first , not in a horrible way, just different!

I had no idea what was about to happen and the only way I can describe it was like a huge weight had been lifted off and I had found some kind of peace. It was lovely just being able to clear my head totally of all thoughts.. which was a first for me.

I felt completely relaxed after and felt about 3 inches taller! yes I actually felt taller, closer to the ceiling..it was amazing. I am a fairly open minded person but this had changed my way of thinking about the possibility of previous lives and finding inner peace. Thank you so much… xxx

I’m really pleased and feel so grateful that I was who this lady called on in her time of need.

Take time to clear the “crap,” it weighs us down and we become overwhelmed.

Sylvie “head clearer” Carey

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