Huge Decrease in Pain

I saw this lovely lady a couple of weeks ago.  She came along not really know what to expect.  To be honest I don’t know what to expect as everyone has their own story, their own pain and stresses.  So every time I see someone I don’t know what the outcome might be.   I’m pleased that everyone so far has found it wonderfully beneficial and surprising!


I had no idea what to expect from this session with Sylvia. I was bit skeptical & wasn’t sure she could really help me with anything.
I have a long term problem with my right side neck & shoulder, when we first started body mapping I could not see how it was going to help this problem but within a very short time it clearly was making a difference, I had significantly increased range of movement.

2 weeks on from appointment my shoulder is still much freer moving & huge decrease in pain. I left the session feeling very clear headed & ‘lighter’ I felt I had a positive road to follow, Sylvia had unblocked paths that I had not realised needed clearing.

Over following few days I found myself doing things & organising parts of my life that I had been making excuses for for a long while.
I would highly recommend people to give this a try, be open minded & prepared to be surprised at the power of your own body & mind.


This was a double session which included BodyMap and Crystal Healing and I believe I’m the only person in the whole wide world doing this doubled up service.  BodyMap helps your brain feel safe and help relieve pain, increase range and movement and strength.  Crystal Healing helps to clean negative energy that may be blocking the charkras and then positive energy is channeled back :)


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