Rapid Relief

Here’s what one lady said about the double session, BodyMap and Crystal Healing.

“Well what can I say… A feeling of worthlessness, no energy, aches and pains in places I dint know I could actually ache.. jammed packed head and no control or balance of direction.. only a feeling of wanting to change and take control..

I knew I needed someone/something to change me, some direction, positive input to getting back on track.. being diagnosed tablet after tablet sitting in rooms trying to explain to a stranger how I felt was hard, then along come Sylvia.. strong, positive and warm lady with a wealth of Calm, positive energy and encouragement, why would this be any different, how could she make it all change?
Crystals? really? Relaxation on me? NO CHANCE!!!
How wrong was I??? 
I have NEVER in years of suffering felt as relaxed, and calm as I did, talking and listening to breathing techniques, ways to get the “bitch” out my head, ways to breath so I feel in control, relax, digest food.. OMG.. she was my “miracle”..
Walking away with a positive attitude after 2 hours of complete peace and tranquillity was scary, I had to face myself and feelings again.. BUT I found myself “Happy & Positive, took dogs for a long walk, cooked a lovely family meal, went swimming, went to bed with a clear mind, woke next morning feeling fresh, clear headed, no knots in my tummy, another early morning walk with dogs, session at the gym, another swim in the evening, lunch out with hubbie, a cuddle and chat on the sofa.. all of which I have never been able to do.. fear of being hurt, let down, no enthusiasm, or simply misunderstood..
I suffer from a form of Mental Illness and Personality Disorder with Anger issues.. all of which I find so hard to cope with, but now I have gained some energy, positive outlook, enthusiasm to loose weight, be happy and best of all Talk, Talk to people that love me, care for me and want to support me, ALL thanks to this one session.. 
My immediate future now seems clearer and I have a clear mind to start the first steps of “new challenges”.. This 100% beats any councillor, tablets and self harm.. 
This is one Therapy I would highly recommend and with the support of such a lovely supportive woman your life could change as mine did..

Thank you Sylvia, my future now seems more balanced and you will be sure to see me again. xx”

I did that! :)  And I’m still learning, only just begun really.

I’m looking forward to helping free some more people!

Sylvie Carey



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