Real Women?

Am I a real woman?

I’ve noticed a few adverts on Facebook recently mentioning that “something or another” is for “real women.”   Or another advert suggesting that real women are bigger in size.

I’m not a “slight” person, but I still think it’s rather odd that someone that is not perhaps looking svelte is being seen as “a real woman?”

If someone is advertising for weight-loss or fitness for “real women”, does that mean that when they achieve their goal, their ideal weight, or physique that they are not then real women anymore?

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Is it some sort of marketing to coax the larger ladies into something?  I think so!  Don’t you?  Yes of course we all want to make people feel comfortable to take part in our “stuff”.  But does it have to be with the implication that those that have achieved what they wanted are not any longer “real women”. ???

Iv’e been real and I’ve been Unreal!  I really have!  haha

real REAL?          notrealUNREAL?

real1REAL?              notreal1UNREAL?

notreal3REAL? notreal2UNREAL?

Good heavens, I don’t know if I’m a real woman or not!


Be who you are that’s what I think.  Don’t let anyone else suggest otherwise!


Sylvie “Is she, or Isn’t she real” Carey







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