Focus Your Thoughts

Expect to feel refreshed.

Our universe is vibrational.  We translate vibration through our senses and that translation becomes our own personal reality.  Thoughts are vibration.  Anything we think about and focus upon for sometime is what we attract to ourselves.

Focus Your Thoughts

My service is aimed at you giving yourself relief from thoughts that do not serve you.  Just because something is true it doesn’t mean that you should spend your time worrying, regretting, hating, being angry, frustrated or (            ) fill in the blank with whatever negative feeling keeps cropping up.  There good, great, wonderful, exciting, joyous and funny things you can think of, they are true too.


You might not even notice that you may spend the majority of your time paddling against your own current.  The habit of thinking that you practice most often feels natural to you and feels true.  Have you ever questioned what you are thinking about?  If it doesn’t feel good to think about something, just stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!

You are here to enjoy life, to do stuff that you like, to feel happy and joyful, to feel fun and free.  If your current thinking habit doesn’t support good feelings life will feel a whole lot harder than it ever was supposed to do.

Stop playing tug of war with yourself

tug of war

At my focus your thoughts sessions you can speak of what it is that you really want.  You will notice the thoughts which you currently practice that maybe holding you apart from what you want and then you can practice shortening that gap between what you have and what you want with the ideas each the session creates for you.

What we really want

What we all really want is to feel good or better or even more than that!  You may think it’s the body, it’s the car, it’s the money, it’s the relationship, it’s the job, it’s the holiday or whatever the thing is of desire.  But you only want that because you think you will feel better for having that.

Let’s learn how to feel better now.  It will never end, the desires will never cease, once you get something, you’ll be after something else before too long.  The journey to the goal should be fun, do you agree?  Why wait to enjoy life? Enjoy it now.  You just need to adjust your dial so you can receive what you want.  Ease your resistance, care about how you feel.

Ready to play a happier game?

Sessions are for one to one and and fee starts from £25 for upto an hour session.   Your first session will be a relaxing session on a therapy couch.  This will help you relax and feel some relief through breathing, energy work and gentle touch if you are ok with gentle touch.

In your following sessions you can speak about what you want and I’ll help you find relief in the resistance that you are holding. This may include talking, therapy couch, gentle touch, or gentle movement and stretching.