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Do you know where your passions lay?

This picture was taken on by birthday this year.  A few mates and myself went up to Camden for the day and just on an impulse we had some wild west pictures done.  We had a giggle.  Thank you, Wendy, Jo and Sarah for a fun birthday, oh and Alan!

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Back to the blog!  As I can be rather random I thought I’d try and pin down some of my main passions.  These were the first things that rolled off the tip of my tongue.


My freedom, your freedom, everyone’s freedom.  Maybe with a slight twist to what you may be thinking though.  The freedom I stand for primarily is self freedom.  Learning how to be free in yourself.  Not letting the voices in our heads control our lives.  The doubt, the worry, the fear, the pain.. the list could go on.  Not allowing the “should of, could of, would of’s”  keep us stuck.

I believe this is the first step to real freedom.  Knowing that we are each individually in control of our own freedom.  That could sound like a loud of clap trap for some people, I am aware of that.  However if we go around blaming everyone else, or every unfortunate situation, or some past experience for our present status, I believe we just give away more of our own power.  It’s very difficult to be free if we lay blame externally.  Learn from, reflect on, stand still, assess and move forward.  If we are unable to see the through the darkness alone, seek help from a source that has proven helpful in the situations we seem to be stuck in.

Take back personal power, take back freedom.


Sigh, without growth we stand still.  Yeah sure it’s wonderful to take a holiday and just sniff the flowers, in fact that’s great.    However, if we stay put too long, stagnation may set in.   When we are stagnant there is no life, there is no air, there is no thriving.  Finding an interest that stimulates and excites, ah yes, there’s life and growth.

Be creative, allow growth and stimulate life and energy.


Oh my, I could cry for the world!  haha.  Seriously now, I really could, and often do.  It’s quite usual that if a friend or client talks to me about something that is upsetting to them, I instantly feel my heart, my throat, my eyes and then the glaze appears.  Being compassionate is a good thing for me, I feel the emotions of others, like standing in their shoes for a moment.  I’m learning to love this about myself as I found it rather inconvenient in the past.  Now I embrace that I can feel for others.

Learning to be compassionate with ourselves too, I’m on this road and learning and that will help with my freedom too.


I absolutely have always adored laughing.  Instant bursts of gratitude for amusing words, sights, thoughts, actions, I love it.  The little lips curl smiles of an inclination, the chuckle as you pass someone in the street who you don’t know, but have shared something amusing, the roar of laughter when ya kids say or do something wild and the belly busting, face aching hysteria of being with nutty mates.  I love all laughter, the more the better!

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What I don’t stand for is editing!  haha, I might have a look through and make correction if I notice them!  Feel free to pic em out for me!

It feels good expressing myself.

Have you tried it?  What do you stand for?  You could write them down, put them on a picture like I have.  It’s liberating, did I mention I stand for Freedom!  Let’s av it!

Sylvie 🙂

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